Saturday, February 19, 2011

Easy lacing technique

This is an easy lacing technique.  To start punch your holes.  You can use a ruler to keep your holes straight.  A Tim Holtz ruler works very well for this because there are holes in the ruler you can put a pencil through to mark where to punch.   I used the water threading craft punch by Fiskers for this sample.  To start, thread your ribbon from the back.

Skip a hole and cross your ribbon and thread through to the back.

If I am using holes this close, I don't cross in the back, because I think it makes it look to busy.  If I put holes far apart it doesn't really matter, but for this sample, I went in the to skipped holes on the same side.

Now my ribbon is back to the front.  Cross your ribbon, skipping another hole, and thread to the back.  Keep going until you use all the holes.  Then add to your layout.  If you are not joining two pieces of paper together,  You can punch your holes as far apart on your layout to allow yourself to add rhinestones,  pearls, or flowers in between each threading.  You can use eyelets or not in your holes.

I originally posted this in June of 2009.  I found a layout that I did for my Mother's wedding album that I did this lacing technique.  I added a few things to the layout as I thought it had too much white space.  The layout is called Love.

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